Tips for Making the Perfect Guest Room

If you have overnight guests, there are many ways to assure that they feel as welcome as possible. The last thing that you need is them wishing they had just booked a night at a nearby hotel, and what better way to show your hospitality then making a room catered directly to their needs?

With just a few adjustments, you can make any extra room into a guest bedroom that they will not want to leave at the end of their stay.


While some of the things addressed in the later parts of this article are extras, the essentials are things that your guest should rely on you having available to them when they arrive.

Furniture-wise, your guests, should be expecting three things: bed, bedside table, and a seat of some sort. The bed is visible as this is the main reason they are staying over.

No matter what kind of bed you are providing (futon, daybed, full bed, etc.) make sure that it has clean linens on it and an extra blanket or two if they get cold in the night. A bedside table creates a comfortable environment and also space for both you and them to store extra items.

The bedside table should have an easy to use the alarm clock and a lamp; your guests may enjoy some late night reading or relaxation, and sometimes an overhead light comes off as extra harsh in the evening hours. Finally, the seat serves for those visitors that might not want to lounge in bed, as a place to sit down and put on shoes, or even just a place to put an extra bag or two. You never know when one may need one, but it is common courtesy to have something available.


Just like at any hotel, sometimes your guests forget things or need something a little extra. If you have these ahead of time, it makes you seem on top of things and saves them the embarrassment of asking.

Keep extra toiletries for them in a basket. These are incredibly inexpensive and will provide them with a great relief to know that they have a toothbrush for the night if they forgot theirs. Things to consider: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, Advil, lint roller, hairspray, air fresheners, etc.

Food and drink are always something that guests will enjoy. Put in a plate of packets of nuts, fruit, granola bars and things to snack on. If there are kids, don’t forget some fruit snacks or something more age appropriate. As far as the drinks go, it can be as simple as having a handful of water bottles, or as complicated as having a set of hot tea.

Just to Raise the Bar a Little Higher:

These items are things that your guests are probably not expecting, but will make their stay feel even more personal and unique.

If you have the internet that your guests might want access to, it is thoughtful to provide it to them in some way. Whether you do this with just a note left on the dresser or framed instructions for their convenience is up to you, but if you have guests often, it might be worth considering making a permanent addition to your guest room concerning the Wi-Fi password.

If your guest is a family or a friend, an excellent way to make a visit more personal is to frame a picture that you have of them and place it on the bedside table. The structure does not need to be expensive, in fact, if you keep the price low, it is a very good idea to send the frame home with them at the end of their visit.

Fresh flowers are the golden sign of hospitality, get some.