Contemporary Rustic Decor for Your Home

If you love the natural, earthy elements of rustic decor, but are afraid of a heavy, drab look, consider rustic contemporary decor for the perfect marriage of natural and modern design.
By combining design elements from both rustic and modern, you can create a look that is warm and inviting, but also fresh and light.

While there are many items that can be implemented to create this look in your home, here are a few key ones that will bring out its natural best:

~Neutral Colors

Although there are many bold, bright colours naturally occurring in the outdoors, we associate softer, more muted tones with being of natural origin. Think whites, tans, browns and greens for the larger elements of the room – walls, floors, furniture. If you must have more colour, you can always brighten things up with accents such as pillows or artwork.

~Natural State Elements

original and unique chimney designWhen going for a rustic theme, you want to keep the components of the space, first of all, natural (wood, stone, etc.) and secondly, as close to their original natural state as possible. It means unpainted wood, non-polished stone and metal, and the like. Over processed decor items will take away from the raw, natural look you are trying to achieve.


Nature has an enormous amount of textural variety, and so should your decor. From woven baskets to faux animal hide rugs to natural wood fixtures, there is an endless possibility for variety when it comes to texture. Silk pillows, burlap table runners, a slate coffee table or a natural branch coat tree are all examples of ways to add texture and interest to your natural decor. To bring balance with a modern touch, add simple, contemporary accents such as drawer pulls and light fixtures.

~Bring the Outside In

natural and modern designThere’s nothing like actual natural items to add the finishing touch your rustic theme. It can include items such as a special tree branch for a centrepiece, uniquely coloured or shaped stones, even wooden logs or rusty buckets can add a touch of rustic charm to any room. The good news is that these decorative items are available almost anywhere – from your backyard to the beach – and are readily available at minimal or no cost.

It may seem a bit intimidating to create an entire theme from only natural elements, but with a little thought and some simple planning, you can be on your way to a whole new look for your home. Satisfy the nature-lover in you with soft colours, natural textures and unique decor to create your ultimate contemporary rustic retreat.