Latest Home Audio Products

Home audio systems come in several varieties and setups. You can either choose slim speakers to fit small rooms or big systems that can fill up big spaces. Below we take a look at the some of the latest home audios, their advantages, and disadvantages.


JBL Authentics L8




It can connect to any typical wireless device. With Near Field Communication
Connectivity, transfer of music files becomes easy and convenient. The L8 can link to an Android device through the Bluetooth. You do this by touching your mobile phone against the speaker.

With Airplay, an Apple enabled Wi-Fi standard; you can send sound to the speaker from Apple products. It supports Digital Living Network Alliance that provides similar functions to windows and android devices.

It has Wifi Protected Setup mode which enables you to pair the speaker with a WPS assisted router. You can link it to a laptop, MP3 player, and tablet using an input jack pin to the speaker. You can use the Universal Serial Bus to charge your phone or tablet.



The JBL Authentics produces enough volume to fill a room such that you can’t have a conversation. You are advised not to push to its limits as it can damage your ears or the speaker itself.
With the above features, the L8 is an excellent speaker. The only letdown is the design, which might disappoint you if you were looking for a modern design.


Sonos PLAY: 5

sonos speaker


The speaker has six functioning drivers. It has three tweeters and an equal number of mid-range drivers to push out the sound. These have their amplifiers that power them. With these features, you are assured of quality music.



The PLAY: 5 set ups are a bit detailed. First, you download the Sonos smart phone programmer. After completing the setup process outlined in the app, which includes registering the speaker, you go to the Sonos True Play part. The speaker adapts to your room using the True Pay setup. The result is a clear sound quality.



Weighing 14 pounds, the speaker is heavy, matte-black with a few buttons. One of the disadvantages with this speaker is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity and a lengthy setup procedure. Other than that, you will enjoy its quality playback and durability.



These devices come with a one year warranty. Using the above features and guidelines, you can find a quality home audio that fits your needs.