Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

spring carpetCarpet cleaning is important for both the appearance of the carpet and the health of the air in the home or business. Carpet acts as a filter for dust and allergens. It captures the dust and allergens, making the air in the home or business cleaner. But like all filters, carpet needs to be deep cleaned periodically, so it can continue to act as a filter and keep the air in the home or business clean. Manufacturers of carpets recommend having carpets professionally cleaned every six to twelve months or more often if there is heavy foot traffic. Professionally cleaning carpets extends the life of the carpet as well as removing stains, dirt and dust.


Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is a method of using hot water combined with cleaning solutions to deep clean carpets. As the carpet is sprayed with hot water, it is simultaneously vacuumed up with the dirt and stain particles.Vacuum Cleaner

The equipment for hot water extraction may be a movable unit that plugs in, or it can be equipment with long hoses mounted on a truck. Truck mounted equipment can be more effective because of the extra power but has some drawbacks. It is very noisy and can be offensive to neighbours. Air conditioning or heat can escape through open doors as well as pets or children. The open doors can cause significant energy waste. Also, hoses may present an inconvenient tripping hazard. However, truck mounted equipment works faster than portable equipment and can have faster drying times. It can be used in places where there is no access to electricity.


Dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning systems use specialised machines. They are more accurately called very low moisture systems. They are increasing in popularity because of their very quick drying time. Typically, preconditioners are used that are detergents to break down dirt and stain particles. The particles can then be vacuumed up.