Four Ways You Can Make Use Of A Donga

If you need to improve your work or living space, why not do it with a donga? Dongas, or granny flats, are prefabricated relocatable buildings that you can put to a wide variety of uses. You order the building ready made, which means you can see at a glance whether the size and attributes suit you, and you know what to expect and how much room you’ll need to place the donga. Relocatable buildings and transportable granny flats are very versatile. Here are four ways you can use a portable building to make the most of your space:

interior of a relocatble building in WA1. Add extra living space. They’re called granny flats for a reason – these buildings make excellent self-contained units that can add extra living space to your home. You can buy dongas pre-fitted with a built in kitchen and bathroom, and use them to create additional living accommodation. Whether you have an elderly relative in need of a place to stay, a young adult who needs their space, or you simply want to add a guest room, a donga is an excellent choice.

2. Provide workers’ accommodation. If your business is working on an on-site project and your workers need a place to stay, a donga is ideal. Because they’re self-contained, you can buy your relocatable building, have it delivered, and have instant accommodation for your on-site workers. Dongas are much more homely than staying in a hotel.

3. Extra work space. Whether you run a business or work from home, you can use a donga to provide extra work space. From a site office to space to get away and focus on projects, a donga makes great work space. Dongas also make a good temporary office for short term projects such as a festival or parade.

4. A creative hang out. Dongas aren’t just all work and no play. You can also use a donga to create a great hang out for the kids or teens in your family. If your home is getting a little overcrowded, why not give the younger members of your family their space? Bigger than a tree house and more stylish than a spare room, a donga makes a perfect den or hideaway.

A donga gives you the extra space you need for your home, work or family. You can shop around to find one with just the right size and specifications for you, then simply get it delivered. You don’t need building skills or tools – your donga will come ready to use.